First of all, friendly, understanding and devoted communication. My target is not to „bake“ as many web projects as possible by applying standard templates and forms. I do not want to use only a dry theoretical material while creating a new web or design project, I‘m always interested in human opinion and wishes...

My Suggested Services

WEB sites

I do not know, if my distinctive vision was taught in school, university or maybe it was inherited and perfected through time? I just know that I am different and I will endeavour all my knowledge, experience and feeling when I will be creating a new Project for a customer, a person or a friend.

GRAPHIC design

I am trying to create a visual communication through innovative ideas; also I am seeking for perfection of the Project and stylistic unity from idea to the end result.


I am glad that while studying I had to learn the art of photography. It is another artistic expression tool which I can use for the site creation process. The good quality of the photos will not only invigorate the design of the site, but also will help to deliver services or products more professionally as well as improving their sales...

I love what I do ...

We provide also printing services. We also send printers to any place in the world...

Posters, flyers, invitations ...

Old ruins can say a lot...

Website for Dance Studio

Website for Auto Rental

Website for Rental Project

Tickets, posters, flyers, CD cover for Music Performer

Website for Event Leaders Base

I like to take a walk in the nature with the camera in my hands

Website for Lithuanian Bowling Federation

Always go with the camera everywhere

It's fun to watch moments at events

Website for the Sport Club

Web Design for Events Calendar Portal

Website for District Business Organization

It's fun to watch animals and capture their mood ...

Website for Music Mobile Seakers

Website for Building Company

Youth and Adult Education Center


Website for Property Company

Website for restoran in Ryga, Latvia


Website for printing service.


Website for epoxy resin site.


What customers say:

I would like to thank Monika for the fulfilled expectations and operational performance of the tasks while creating my website vedejai.lt. Interesting design ideas were presented in a expeditious manner in accordance with the specified terms. I have noticed that after all work was done it was hard enough to find any flaws at all. I recommend MobStudio and I wish a great success for young creators.

Aurelijus Gedvilas head of vedejai.lt

Excellent customer service. A fast and high-quality work. Your success is in good hands. www.mobilios-koloneles.lt

Elanas Gascevičius head of muzikosparduotuve.lt

Mobstudio designs, knowledge of different software, her artistic creativity is exceptional, her friendly manner makes the working relationship easy when planning different aspects of your business, I wouldn't hesitate to use Monikas services again...

Edgar Juodaitis Managing director at a3eLtd

I Always try to understand the hidden power of artistic expression of the idea.

There are so many objects in our surroundings in which we quickly lose interest, they are meaningless, overnight fashion items. However, some of them are long term, appreciated, resistant to trends, not specific design or art style. They are created with love, attention, concern, efforts to create artistic weight and mannerism to object. Most people are a little bit of an artists, only differences are their inherited or acquired abilities. Nowadays, there is such a variety of activities, events and changes, that sometimes it is hard to find great measures for creative expressions. Certain artists or designers use a variety of artistic and technical measures and are able to apply them in order to provide the visual content. This is why I am trying to fulfil clients’ vision with all existing knowledge I have. I always seek for stylistic integrity and excellence by using the knowledge about art and design acquired at the university and by participating in projects....